Qrious at Codepalousa 2012, March 15th - 17th

Have you heard about Codepalousa? It’s a two day software development conference consisting of ten tracks and sixty-two (62!) sessions - well worth your time, attention and the reasonable fee to attend, and it all takes place in Louisville Kentucky, March 15th through the 17th.

If you attend Codepalousa you’ll be a part of one of the few events outside of the New York City metro area to use Qrious during our private beta.

If you’re not attending, well, consider yourself un-lucky. But you can make your own luck.

Visit http://codepalousa.com to register now while spots are still available.

In the meantime…

  • Visit http://qrio.us on your iPhone or Android smartphone web browser, connect your existing social networks to Qrious and tweak your profile in preparation for the event.
  • When you arrive, don’t forget to check-in with Qrious. You’ll be glad you did. We guarantee it! Just look at how excited some of our NYC users are.

Oh - and don’t forget to tell your friends - especially if your friends organize meetups, conferences or others professional events.

Use Qrious at the Small Business Summit in NYC, March 6th

Now in its seventh year, the 2012 Small Business Summit will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on March 6th.

If When you attend this year’s event, you’ll be able to meet more of the people that are important to you using Qrious smartphone networking software!

Yes, you read that correctly: the organizers of the Small Business Summit have selected Qrious to ensure that attendees have the best networking experience possible.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Go to SmallBizTechSummit.com and click on the big ol’ red Register Now button in the top right corner.
  2. Launch the browser on your iPhone or Android smartphone (newer touchscreen BlackBerries will also work) and go to http://qrio.us to create your networking profile.
  3. When you arrive at the event on March 6th, be sure to launch the Qrious web app and check-in. Qrious will immediately tell you who you should meet and why based on the information contained in your profile.
  4. Have the best networking event ever.

Questions? Comments? Compliments? Gripes? Bugs?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Qrious at Webvisions Conference in New York

I’ve been invited to give a talk about Qrious at the New York Webvisions conference during their Business Innovation and Education Lab on January 20th.

Brad Smith told us that the talk “should show the innovative direction and strategy for your products and/or services and how it stands out in the market space.”

I think we can do that.

I hope that you’ll join us.

Do some good, just by showing up

If you’re considering attendance, think about this: for every four people from your company that attend, you’ll be able to send a student from a New York City college to the event for FREE.

WP Event Ticketing: Free Conference and Event Registration Solution for WordPress

We just stumbled upon WP Event Ticketing from the good folks at 9Seeds.

If you produce a conference or event and are concerned about having complete customization of your registration pages or the incremental costs for each ticket that an event registration service may charge, this WordPress plugin may be for you.

All you need to get started is a hosted WordPress site and a PayPal account.

There will be a Pro version that will enable advanced features such as the ability to run multiple events at the same time. You can sign up for the 9Seeds newsletter to be notified when the Pro version is available, what additional features it may have and of course, the cost.

No word on whether there will be an API for third-party services. However, if you’d like to use WP Event Ticketing with Qrious, be sure to reach out and let us know.

Check out this video to see the WP Event Ticketing setup for yourself.