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Qrious Unveils Social Discovery Platform for EventBrite-Powered Events

Tools Enable Attendees, Sponsors and Exhibitors to Discover and Engage with Others

New York, NY — May 15th, 2012 (Plannertech NYC) — Today at Plannertech, Qrious announced the general availability of it’s free Social Discovery Platform for professional events and conferences using the EventBrite registration system.

“The number one reason people attend professional events and conferences is to meet others. Yet the time and money spent at events is often gambled on serendipity instead of thoughtfully-targeted meetings,” said John Federico, co-founder. “Our Social Discovery Platform helps ensure a more structured and strategic approach toward finding and engaging with prospects, customers, partners - anyone who’s important to participants at your professional event or conference.”

The Company’s proprietary matching engine factors a participant’s role, goals for the event, existing social networks and specific interests to recommend others they should meet. Recommendations are delivered by Qrious via email, on the web and via the Qrious smartphone web app for iPhone and Android.

Further enhancing the free service, Qrious includes a QR code name badge generator to produce “Social Name Badges.” Using any freely available QR code scanning app, participants can scan the badges of others to see and share their common connections, interests and goals in the Qrious app.

Using the Qrious smartphone app and QR coded name badges, the company also solves another challenge for EventBrite-powered events: Data Capture and Lead Retrieval for sponsors and exhibitors.

Using any standard QR code scanning app coupled with the Qrious app, sponsors and exhibitors can quickly capture leads for follow-up with prospects and partners after the event. This premium service is available now at an introductory rate for event organizers using EventBrite for registration.

Qrious representatives are available for comment at Plannertech 2012 today beginning at 5 PM EDT.

About Qrious

Qrious is an Event-based Social Discovery Platform designed to help professionals discover new connections and create new business relationships.

Founded in 2011, Qrious has been helping event organizers make better connections at their events since January 2012. Customers include 10gen (MongoDB), Atlassian, NEXT Berlin, The Small Business Summit, Codepalousa, #140Conf Montreal and others.

The “Almost-Complete Guide” to Smartphone QR Code Scanning with Qrious

NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect only QR code scanning apps that are supported for Qrious Lead Retrieval. For quick reference, the short list of supported apps can be found here.


In developing our Data Capture and Lead Retrieval services for EventBrite and other event registration services, we’ve had to test a lot of QR code scanning software on a lot of different phones.

Yes, we’re developing our own software that will be tailor-made for use at events and conferences but for now, we can recommend the best software and devices for the purpose.

You can use any device with a camera, net connection and supported scanning software but this post is about cutting through the cruft to get you running quickly.

We call this the “Almost-Complete Guide” because new software is released every day and we may not have the latest apps listed here.

If you love a QR code scanning app for your smartphone that’s not in our list, let us know in the comments and we’ll update this post.

Finally, if you’re in a hurry, you can skip all the background stuff and scroll down to the section titled, Software and look for a mention of your type of smartphone.

Let’s get started…


General Rule of Thumb: iPhone (iPod Touch), Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices with an autofocus camera.

(You can use an original BlackBerry Bold running OS 5.x and it’s fixed-focus camera, but we don’t recommend it. Ditto for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G.)

Recommended Operating Systems

For obvious reasons, we recommend installing the latest operating system that your hardware will support but these are the best for your needs.

  • iPhone: 3.x or higher
  • iPod Touch with camera: 4.x or higher
  • Android: 2.3.4 or higher
  • BlackBerry: OS 6.x or higher
  • Windows Phone: OS 7.5 or higher

Supported Operating Systems (they’ll work, but you won’t have a great experience with the scanning software)

  • iPhone: All
  • Android: All
  • BlackBerry: OS 5.x or higher
  • Windows Phone: All


In our testing, we focused solely on the criteria that are important to our customers: Speed, Usability and Flexibility.

Here are some attributes that we explored:

Speed of Recognition and Decoding - How fast does the scanning software recognize and decode the data in the QR code? This is important since an Exhibitor may be scanning badges in succession.

Autoscan - Does the scanning software offer the ability to scan and automatically launch URL’s? If not, launching the URL becomes an extra step for the user. Extra taps take time, especially when you have a line of attendees waiting for one of your cool t-shirts or sales materials. It also impacts usability.

Scanning History - Can the scanning software store decoded QR codes for processing later? If you have to process lots of codes in succession, you can scan them, then submit the URL’s for processing when traffic slows down.

Code Restriction - Can the scanning software be limited to decoding only QR codes? Some apps support many types of codes - for instance, bar codes on consumer products. If the software is first trying to figure out what kind of code it is before it can begin decoding, that takes time. Apps that allow you to limit which codes are being scanned speed up the process.

Built-in Browser - Does the scanning software include its own web browser? For faster processing of codes, this is helpful since your phone doesn’t have to switch to the native browser on your phone. It also means that you don’t have to switch back to the scanner to scan the next code.

Portrait Scanning - Can you hold the device in the palm of your hand while using the camera? This seems like an odd attribute to consider, but you’d be surprised to learn that some scanning apps for Android are designed to only work in Landscape orientation. That’s just not practical for fast scanning with your phone, nor does it contribute to usability.

Advertising. If you’re using your smartphone to further your business at a professional event, why not spend $2.99 to get rid of ads? You probably will, but sometimes this option isn’t even available - you’re stuck with them. We took that into consideration during evaluation since accidentally tapping an ad will effect your ability use the app.

Supported Software

OK, this is the reason you’ve read this far. Here are our software picks (and configurations) for using the Qrious service with all major smartphone platforms.


Top Pick: Qrafter Pro

Qrafter is by far the fastest, most usable and feature rich of all QR scanning apps on iOS. We recommend that you spend $2.99 to upgrade to the Qrafter Pro which removes the advertisements. We also recommend the following configuration for use with the Qrious Service:

Activate: Scan on Launch. This will put the app into scanning mode immediately for fastest results.

Activate: Scan and Go. This will launch the built-in browser in Qrafter and present a scan confirmation without having to switch apps.

Default Mode: Single Scan. You can always activate Batch Scan when you are in the scanner screen.

Optional: For even faster scanning, you can simply take photos of each code, then process them after things slow down using Qrafter.

Runner Up: Scan

We also like the generically-named Scan app. It’s free and there are no advertisements. We also recommend the following configuration for use with the Qrious service:

Deactivate: Websites - Ask before opening. This will auto-launch the scan confirmation screen in the Scan’s built-in web browser.


Top Pick: QuickMark Lite

There seems to be a gazillion QR code scanner apps for Android but even so, we can’t find an app that’s comparable to the versions for iPhone. With that said, we think QuickMark is the best for use with the Qrious service. We recommend the following configuration:

Activate: Autoscan on launch. This will put the app into scanning mode as soon as it starts.

Activate: Auto-open URL’s. This will immediately load the scan confirmation in the browser.

Activate: Limit to QR codes. This will speed up decoding.

Optional: Bulk scan mode allows for capture/storage of URL’s for launching later.

Runner Up: i-Nigma

This code reader is fast, but i-Nigma didn’t make our top pick as it doesn’t have a batch scanning option. We recommend the following configuration for use with the Qrious service:

Activate: Open scanner on app launch. This will put the app into scanning mode as soon as it starts.

A complete list of our favorite Android QR code scanning apps are the end of this post.

Windows Phone

QuickMark Lite

This scanning app is fast - and even faster due to the fact that it launches in scanning mode by default. Unfortunately QuickMark doesn’t have a built-in browser and will launch Internet Explorer. With that said, switching between apps is very fast and fluid on Windows Phone - probably even better than iPhone or Android. The sound effects are GOOFY and can’t be silenced. You’ll have to put the phone on vibrate. We recommend the following configuration for use with the Qrious service:

Activate: Auto-open URL’s. This will immediately load the scan confirmation in the browser.

Activate: Limit to QR codes. This will speed up decoding.

A complete list of Windows QR code scanning apps that we tested are the end of this post.


QR Code Scanner Pro - Free

This is the only scanning app that we comfortably recommend with the Qrious service. Again, you can use whatever app you want, but QR Code Scanner Pro performed the best on an original BlackBerry Bold 9000 running OS 5.x and a BlackBerry Torch running OS 7.x.

Addendum: The List

Here are some notable apps that didn’t make it into our top picks. These apps are unsupported for Qrious Lead Retrieval service.


QR Droid. Lots of configurability - can be set to autolaunch URL’s after scan. Can also be set to autoscan after launch, bypassing home screen. Remove ads for $2.50. Scanning is slow to recognize codes. Allows for auto-detection of code, though faster in landscape, which requires two-handed operation. Codes can be saved in history. No bulk scanning, but you can scan the code, then immediately tap scan again - the last URL will be saved in your history.

QR Barcode Scanner. Requires two taps to reach scanner - loads home screen first. Fast scanner. Can be set to autolaunch URL’s. Ad supported with no way to remove ads.

RedLaser. Can be set to open scanner on launch. Can be limited to QR codes. Be sure to turn off local search to speed things up. Can be set to open URL’s or not, allowing for bulk scan option.

ScanLife. FAST - even in portrait mode. Auto-launches URL by default with no obvious way to change that behavior. Stores history.

BeeTagg. Opens scanner on app launch. Fast code reading but no way to autolaunch URL’s. No history.

mobiletag. Opens scanner on app launch. Autolaunches URL’s with no obvious way to change that behavior. Scanning speed is acceptable on the test device.

QR Reader. Can open scanner on launch. Cannot autolaunch URL’s. Opens URL’s in it’s own browser instance. Rendering is inferior to Android browser.

Windows Phone

BeeTagg. Requires another click to open scanner after launch. Fast - autoscan without secondary screen tap. No way to automatically open URLs - requires another tap to launch URL

Butterkiss. Requires another click to open scanner after launch. “Can’t read code” even though it’s a valid, simple short URL

QR Code Reader. Fast - launches scanner along with the app. Saves history of scanned URL’s. Not much in the way of configurable options

Quick Reader. Not so quick. Requires another tap after launch to use scanner. Scanner doesn’t recognize URLs well.

ScanLife Classic. Requires another click to open scanner after launch. Doesn’t auto-scan codes - requires screen tap to initiate scan. Autolaunches URL’s.