For Attendees


The producer of your next professional event is using Qrious to help you meet the people that are important to you while you’re there.

Here are some things you should know about Qrious to help you get the most out of your event.

Create your Qrious Profile before the event.

It’s simple, easy and takes about 90 seconds. Just connect your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts to Qrious, then drop in a few keywords that describe your role and your goals for attending the event. That’s it.

Don’t forget to check-in when you arrive.

When you arrive at your event, check-in using the Qrious app. Just load up on your smartphone browser, select your event and tap “check-in”.

We’ll immediately tell you who you should meet - and why - based on the information you provided us.

If more people arrive at the event and they are good matches for you, we’ll notify you about them, too. (When we say Real-Time People-Matching, we mean it.)


Review your matches.

Your recommendations will be sorted using the Qrious Score - a 100-point Personalized Professional Compatibility Rank. You can review each match to ensure optimum compatibility, then learn more about that person before you strike up a conversation with them.

Remember: if you want to improve your matches, be sure that you accurately describe your role and goals in your Qrious profile. You can change them at any time, right from your smartphone. The power is in your hands. Literally.

Put people on your Radar.

Have you found people that you’d like to meet, but are waiting for the best opportunity? Put them on your Qrious Radar. You’ll be able to what events they attend and use that information to help you make a smooth introduction, when the time is right.