About Qrious

Connecting People-to-People-to-Opportunities.

We’re driven by the power of face-to-face connections.

Our team is a group of enthusiastic participants of professional conferences, events, meetups and other shindigs - we all love to meet interesting people, do business and yes, sometimes even make friends.

We’ve also produced professional conferences and events and have even been marketers who speak, sponsor and exhibit at events to influence our peers, generate business and reach industry press.

Unfortunately, we believe that the traditional process of attending and sponsoring these events is inefficient.

Fortunately, we care enough to want to change that.

You see, we’re all Digital Natives and we’re used to the efficiencies that technology and data provide to us in our daily lives.

We want to bring those same efficiencies to the events that we love - to make your job as the event organizer easier and your events more productive so that your attendees can meet more of the people that are important to them.

That’s what drives us.

We believe:

Organizing events is hard.

If technology can do something better and faster than a person, make your job easier and relieve some of your stress, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be made available to event organizers everywhere.

Content is no longer King.

Attendees can get great content anywhere - Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Stack Exchange, Books, DVD’s, Membership sites - the list goes on.

People attend conferences and events to meet other people.

Whether it’s sellers looking for buyers, or attendees looking for kindred spirits, it’s the event organizer’s job to facilitate these interactions - above all else.

Attendees should easily be able to discover like-minded people with complementary goals before, during and after events.

It’s these common goals, interests and experiences that enable valued connections to happen. Your event will be forever associated with these connections - and we want to help you accomplish that.

Sponsors and exhibitors should easily be able to discover prospects and partners.

You’ve already collected attendee data during registration, so help your sponsors to save time and money entering business cards, performing research on social networks and importing all of this stuff into CRM and other marketing automation systems. The greater the ROI, the higher the likelihood that your sponsors will return.

Online social networks facilitate offline connections.

People across the country and around the world “meet” online all the time. Conferences and events are prime opportunities to turn those loose ties into strong ones - but only if you can easily correlate online social networks to your event.

Above all, we believe in people.

Personal relationships are what make the world work. We want to help initiate and foster those relationships to ensure that no opportunity goes undiscovered.

If you believe what we believe don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with us.