Your Attendees’ Point of View

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience your event from an attendee’s perspective? Soon, you will - and so can the world.

Livestream has created their first application for Google Glass, enabling Glass wearers to display a live video feed to the world and see it just as if they were there.

Sounds great, in theory. How will it play out at your event?

Also in this issue of the Digest: powering your gadgets using nothing but the heat from your body; how to select a lead retrieval system for your event and a transcript of last week’s #EventTech Chat.

Don’t miss this week’s where we’ll chat with Ryan McGeary (@rmm5t), CEO & Founder of @BusyConf. Tune in at 5 PM Eastern time to the #eventtech hashtag.


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#EventTech Chat with Geert DeBecker, CEO & Founder, EventBrowsrA Tweet-by-Tweet transcript of last week’s twitter chat.


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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs, Updated#Eventprofs know all about this


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How to Select a Lead Retrieval System for Your EventThe 10 most important things to keep in mind when asking how to select a lead retrieval system for your event: Drop The Hardware: Having your exhibitors rent badge scanners is last generation, it’s like paying iPhone price for a Star-Tac.
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Power arm band for wearables harvests body heat“A thermoelectric generator developed as a wristband. The generator can be easily curved along with the shape of human body. Credit: KAIST ( -A group of Korean researchers have turned their focus on supplying a reliable, efficient power source for wearables.”
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Google Glass App Lets You ‘Livestream’ Events“Friends missing a concert? Sister can’t make it to your baby shower? Just strap on a pair of Google Glass and livestream the event. Livestream today launched its first piece of Glass software: Just a tap of the headset and a simple “OK Glass, Livestream” voice command will put online viewers in your shoes.”
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